4-Week Master Class Intensive with Diane Venora
Member of SAG-AFTRA, Actors Equity, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and founder of Transformation (IMDb Profile)

Sponsored by Trilith Institute

This fall, for the first time in Atlanta, Georgia, Diane Venora will be teaching HOW TO EXPAND YOUR CASTING STATUS by taking risks, exploring and experiencing multiple technical skills that primarily focus on the PHYSICAL work of TRANSFORMING you into the Character on the page. 

These techniques include but are not limited to:

  1. ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE: Introduction of the Alexander Technique which allows the actor to relax, “I HAVE TIME,” correcting the alignment of the head, neck and spine; feet and walk; staying open in order to change habits that limit your possibilities. 

    “Real success is being open to change.  The heart of adventure and risk and going in for it rather than running away from it – this is key to becoming a great actor. “ – Ken Rea

  2. LABAN’S EIGHT EFFORTS: Rudolf Laban was a dance artist, choreographer, and dance theorist. He is founder of Laban movement analysis, a way of documenting human movement by combining and exploring different Elements of Weight, Time, Space and Flow.
  3. ANIMAL STUDY: This work is the most transforming work, in my experience, in character development.  Close animal study can help you discover your character’s way of seeing the world, how the spine moves and where you carry your center of gravity, along with the observation of how the animal balances the senses, eating habits, social environments, habitat, its rhythm of Life and the breathing patterns.  This then can translate into your character.
  4. MOVING FROM DIFFERENT CENTERS: This is a tremendous tool and vivid approach to creating a character. It helps you achieve Transformation by breaking out of your personal habitual patterns.
  5. STATUS: Keith Johnstone in the context of improvisation, developed the very useful concept of status: ” whether on or off stage our behavior can be seen as predominantly high status, low status or somewhere in between. Status shouldn’t be confused with your role or social level: it’s about the way you DO things. By adjusting your status you can influence the other person.”
  6. PRESENCE: The 3 Circles of energy…. connecting to presence in the voice and breath, as well as the body.  Centering your energy is crucial to unlocking your real power onstage and in Life.  The power must be based on an energized relaxation, allowing you to be completely present in the moment. Radiating your energy outwards heightens your presence making you compelling to watch.

How can I be more present in my work?  Moment to moment. 

“The more I was in the moment in my life the easier it was to be present in my work” – Ken Rea…Guildhall 


  • WHEN:  October 23 – November 16, 2023 – 4 weeks for over 80 hours of training, in addition to one-on-one’s, emails and phone calls during the class with Diane
  • CLASS SCHEDULE:  Monday through Thursday, 10 AM – 4 PM EST, Friday – Sunday is for Homework Implementation & Rest
  • CAPACITY:  Capacity is limited to only 12 students.
  • WHERE:  Fayetteville, GA (Specific on-site location at or near Trilith TBA)
  • AUDITIONSAll actors will need to audition over ZOOM with Diane.  You can schedule your audition appointment now by going to the “REGISTRATION” Menu and filling out the application.  This will start the process.  For your audition you will need to present a monologue under two minutes in length preferably from a published play.

Time is short, so please act quickly.  The deadline for the Early Bird Discount and also the cut-off date to apply is October 9, 2023.  Tuition balances are due by the first day of class, October 23. 2023.

  • Full Tuition: $2,500.00
  • Non-Refundable Deposit:  To Hold Your Spot is $500.00
  • EARLY BIRD 10% DISCOUNT: For registration by October 9th:  $250.00
  • Totals
    • Full Tuition                        $2,500.00
    • Non-Refundable Deposit    – 500.00
    • Early Bird Discount              – 250.00 (Due by Oct. 9th)
    • Total Due by 1st Class:     $1,750.00


    • Non-refundable Registration Deposit due in the amount of $500 by the application cut off date: October 9, 2023.. This will be applied to your full tuition for the workshop.
    • Remainder of Tuition is due in full by October 23, 2023.
    • Limited Class Space, so you’ll need to act quickly and reserve your spot!

Class Requirements

  • Dress in neutral colored (no logos) clothing and learn to release any judgement or self consciousness about body size and shape. 
  • Wear low healed soft shoes, thin-soled sneakers, yoga socks, or bare feet. No running shoes.
  • No jewelry, perfume, or cologne. 
  • Bring notebook, pen/pencil, bottled water, and yoga/Pilates mat. 
  • Long hair should be tied up and kept out of face.

What To Do Next In 3 Easy Steps

  1. REGISTRATION FORM (Below): Fill out the following form.  It the first step for ALL applicants for any of Diane’s Classes or Workshops. Please fill out the Application below and we will follow-up with you shortly.

  2. STUDENT AUDITIONS: You will need to schedule a Zoom interview/audition with Diane.  After we receive and review your application, someone from our team will reach out to you to set this up.  Please have a monologue under 2 minutes long from a play memorized and ready to show Diane during the Zoom meeting.
  3. STUDENT RELEASE FORM (Below): After you have filled out the STUDENT REGISTRATION APPLICATION above, please download, print and fill out this RELEASE FORM and bring it with you on your first day of class.  This is for all students new and returning and for each workshop you take

  4. PAYMENT: See instructions below under “Payment Policy” 


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After you have filled out the STUDENT REGISTRATION APPLICATION above, please download, print and fill out this RELEASE FORM and bring it with you on your first day of class.


  1. Forms of Payment
    We accept only the following three forms of payment:
    • CHECK – Made out to:  Transformation Artists
    • CASH
    • ZELLE Zelle Payments can be made to the following email address:
  2. Payment Plan
    If you will be using a Payment Plan for 2023 FALL INTENSIVE, all tuition must be paid in full by October 23rd.  You must obtain a contract from the class administrator.  Please sign and return before the first class begins.

In the event of any class absences, the following policy applies:  If you are unable to attend class for any reason we are unable to offer a refund.  However, you may make up missed classes by contacting the class Administrator.